Use cloud accounting safely with Intacct

Use cloud accounting safely with Intacct

Published: 12/23/2014 11:11:48 AM

As organizations begin to move their accounting software to the cloud, they still want to make sure that they can store their data safely. While the cloud offers definite advantages to organizations, there is still good reason for IT managers to use discretion when mobilizing to go to the cloud. Success in the new age of data mobility involves making sure that all elements of a given system are reliable, stable and safe. If any single piece of software in an organization's cloud suite should be tamper-proof, it's the company's accounting system. The amount of havoc that can be caused by a poorly-defended set of accounting records can be devastating when it is misused by external or internal threats.

Paper may soon become a thing of the past in accounting offices.

In spite of lingering legacy fears, most organizations are ready to move to cloud computing. Even now, accountants are gearing up to fundamentally change how they do taxes. Local and large accounting firms are going cloud-based for not only convenience, but also for better accessibility and features like working remotely, according to Most records are now filed electronically, both for larger organizations and small ones. This is because cloud accounting and the ease it brings is the way of the future for all organizations. This new exposure necessarily means, however, that it is important that security be rigorously maintained.

Security in cloud accounting software
An example of the kind of problem that can be encountered due to using fundamentally insecure accounting tools is the story of an Idaho potato shed worker who was recently charged with embezzlement. This kind of story is unfortunately common when dealing with organizations using software that doesn't adequately account for how transactions are kept in their systems. According to the Capital Press, the financial controller of the farm in Aberdeen, Idaho, was making adjustments to payments in a ledger after they had been written in order to embezzle money. One of the major QuickBooks disadvantages people using that software have to deal with is that it is fundamentally insecure about the way reports are written. Anyone with access to the software can change, edit or delete lines, facilitating a lot of abuse. In order to prevent this kind of issue, it's best to stick with software that has better built-in security features.

Utilizing more secure software, like Intacct, is an easy way to keep ledgers and records from being tampered with. Thanks to a software setup that doesn't allow entries to be easily deleted, it can be simple for a company to create something that works easily and effectively for a large group. Intacct's ability to stay connected to a cloud of other important applications that organizations may use, like payroll and employee management apps, ensures that it is much easier for this piece of software to fit into any organization's existing software structure. According to Accounting Web, it is virtually impossible to imagine any group not adopting the new wave of cloud computing over the next couple of years. There are simply too many services available for workers to choose from.

"Organizations that are not ready for this new paradigm of accounting and connectivity will not stand a chance, because they will be playing from a rule book that is out of date."

Cloud financial software for large businesses
In order to create a system that can work over the long haul, organizations need to think about which applications will function best together while paying attention to security. Companies that are able to keep security tight while deploying a fleet of cloud software solutions over their network that can help them to manage money, workers and time effectively will move ahead of their competitors. Organizations that are not ready for this new paradigm of accounting and connectivity will not stand a chance, because they will be playing from a rule book that is out of date.

Utilizing powerful software like Intacct in order to create a network of applications that can work together will be a skill that IT officers will have to either learn or develop in order to stay ahead. Luckily, many new pieces of cloud software are designed to work together. Taking advantage of the superior flexibility and mobility of current cloud accounting software and its interactions with other pieces of useful enterprise suite solutions is not only a good idea, but also necessary.

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