6 cloud ERP software lessons from Taylor Swift

6 cloud ERP software lessons from Taylor Swift

Published: 10/22/2014 4:53:51 PM

Regardless of how you feel about her or her music, there's no denying that Taylor Swift is by far one of the biggest musical acts out there. And with the singer just releasing a new track a few days ago, her star is only going to shine even brighter for the foreseeable future.

Taylor Swift has sung about topics ranging from love, youth, fear and just about everything in between, but one topic that has yet to appear in her music thus far has been cloud ERP software like Intacct. Nevertheless, as we've shown before, sometimes you can find inspiration in the most surprising of places, like Taylor Swift. For the unbelievers out there, here are six of the biggest lessons you as a company leader or cloud ERP software specialist can learn from the young star:

1) It's OK to change course
When Swift first rose to fame, it was as a country singer straight out of Nashville. These days, however, her music is sometimes a far cry from the twang tunes most of us associate with Country and Western songs, with the singer and songwriter now cultivating a wider pop image and sound. For her, this shift has been huge and it has allowed her to vastly expand her reach and potential audience. In the case of Swift, change has very much been a good thing.

Similarly, change can be a very good thing in the realm of enterprise resource planning too. This is especially true for anyone still using legacy on-premises platforms. Sure, it may have been just fine in the past, but nowadays it's horribly outdated and just unable to keep up with demand today. As new tools and processes come about every day, businesses need an ERP solution that can keep up and evolve accordingly. On-premises options are notoriously difficult to change and customize, unlike cloud ERP software which is built with such functionality in mind. If you are finding that your legacy system is no longer up to par, then it may be time to take a page out of Taylor Swift's book and ditch what worked in the past in order to embrace something new.

2) Don't let the past bring you down
Like just about any young star that has been popular for longer than a day, Taylor Swift has already become a little familiar with controversy. From her multiple public break-ups with big-time male celebrities to Kanye now famously interrupting her at an awards show, the singer has been in the spotlight for many reasons that go beyond her music. If a lesser artist faced this, they may have wilted under the spotlight and faded away. But did Swift do this? Of course not! The singer has been able to brush the distractions aside and continue to make chart-topping tunes.

This is an important lesson for anyone using ERP software of any kind to adhere to as well. Let's say you used to have an on-premises ERP suite in place or you tried to go it alone and implement cloud ERP software by yourself. If this describes you, then odds are your first foray into the world of ERP were far from successful. In fact, the misconceptions that sometimes surround ERP often come because organizations do not approach it in the right manner. But, if ERP in the past did not treat you well, don't give up hope. By adopting a quality cloud ERP software solution like Intacct and turning to a trusted partner to get it installed well, you can move beyond your early mistakes and fully appreciate what enterprise resource planning can bring to the table.

3) Being a jack of all trades is a good thing
In addition to being a singer, songwriter and guitar player, Taylor Swift is also:

  • A one time comedy writer
  • An amateur novelist
  • A former resident of a Christmas tree farm
  • Able to do the splits
  • An animal lover

As far as Swift's abilities and talents are concerned, this list is really just the tip of the iceberg. The artist is yet another example of why you should never judge a book by its cover, and this is one more important characteristic to remember regarding cloud solutions for business. In the past, ERP was sometimes pigeonholed as being just for certain types of businesses or exclusively for a small number of tasks. But thanks in no small part to the power of the cloud, ERP is now much more than that. Seemingly, the limits of cloud ERP software are your imagination. Thanks to cloud computing, ERP has shifted from a niche player to an indispensable tool capable of bringing everything in the enterprise together under one easily accessible roof.

4) Humility is a virtue
Unlike some of her peers, Swift is not a fan of selfies and she is A-OK with fans coming up to her to ask for a picture or an autograph, Rolling Stone reported. In fact, the music magazine said that the singer is generally against flaunting or showing off. Cloud ERP software proponents should take a similar approach and embrace humility as well. One of the biggest reasons why a platform fails is that while it may work fine, it fails to live up to expectation. Cloud solutions for business are no panacea, but they can go a long way toward making an organization much more streamlined, organized and successful. So long as businesses have a realistic mindset regarding ERP's capabilities, then it will be a wise investment with a quality ROI for them.

5) Never forget about the bottom line
Fun fact: Did you know Swift at one point wanted to be a stockbroker? Considering how financially successful the singer is, perhaps this early plan should not be so surprising. Swift is perhaps more conscious of the bottom line than some might realize. Of course, cost, TCO and ROI must always be part of the conversations surrounding cloud ERP software as well. If it doesn't lead to tangible benefits, then it is ultimately useless - even if it was initially affordable. Luckily, the per-user, per-month payment model that usually comes with the cloud ensures that companies get an affordable option capable of meeting their financial planning and oversight needs today and well into the future.

6) Make sure you're working from a solid base
Thanks to technology like auto-tune and turntable simulators, just about anyone can make music that sounds halfway decent. After all, Skrillex is still around. But, in order to be a true artist, it helps to have real musical talent. If you're ever heard Swift sing or play guitar or read poetry, then you know she's legit and working from a solid musical base.

This is yet another important lesson to keep in mind when implementing cloud ERP software. Unless the underlying processes, workflows and data are in order, then the solution will likely not provide a good ROI. To make sure everything is ready to go before getting Intacct in place, companies can turn to a trusted partner like Arxis Technology to help them best prepare for cloud ERP and get the most out of it.

Surprisingly, these are just some of the many lessons regarding cloud ERP software that can be gleaned from the music and career of Taylor Swift. Sometimes, it really is best to get inspired by unlikely sources. By following these six points of advice, a business is likely to see good results from an ERP implementation than if it had ignored the hidden enterprise wisdom of Swift.

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