5 telltale signs you're ready to move on from QuickBooks

5 telltale signs you're ready to move on from QuickBooks

Published: 3/12/2015 12:39:09 PM

There comes a time in every business' lifecycle when it has to move away from the tools and processes that made it work when it was small. Companies gradually phase out all sorts of systems that only make sense when they are starting out. Change happens, and it happens much more quickly than most would believe. 

"The cloud works well for growing companies."

In fact, organizations can wind up using outdated or insufficient bookkeeping systems for years after they have outgrown their usefulness. This is especially true for programs like QuickBooks, which start as very useful for new companies, but quickly begin to cause problems as its software requires more manual inputs as businesses grow. It may be time for you to consider cloud financial software if you see any of the following signs in your business:

  1. You're manually entering too much data
    One of the most commonplace problems that can afflict a company is an overreliance on manual data entry. Compared to any software that can automate the transfer of information between two different systems, manual data entry is an absolute chore. It is time consuming, inaccurate typically and can cause problems downstream as different sets of numbers wind up not quite corresponding to each other. QuickBooks has a very hard time integrating with cloud CRM software and other modern business enhancements. If your accountants are plugging away and punching in numbers to several different systems, it's time to ditch QuickBooks.
  2. You're running out of resources
    QuickBooks' status as a resource hog has been well documented. Even in articles where it receives praise for its ability to work with the smaller startups out there, experts agree that it must be carefully used to avoid bogging down a computer. It's difficult to use more than one QuickBooks window at a time, according to TechRepublic. Wouldn't it be better to use a program that didn't require tip-toeing around major problems in order to get work done? With cloud accounting software, your options are much more varied because a separate host does the processing for you and gives you the results.
  3. Your software is incompatible
    New types of customer relationship management systems are designed to plug directly into accounting platforms. This can make it easy to understand how billing is working for different clients, allowing accountants to get a clear picture of where money is being spent and how it is coming in. With these new ways of keeping track of data, it is much easier for groups to find ways of improving their revenue. Cloud CRM software systems can easily interface with cloud financial software, which makes them both even better choices for companies that currently have incompatible systems.
  4. You'd like to work from home

    Check on your files even when working from home.Check on your files even when working from home.

    QuickBooks is a demanding taskmaster. It expects you to be in the office, on time, every day, no exceptions. While this was perfectly acceptable in past years, this is simply not how many organizations work anymore. QuickBooks must be used over a VPN, which means that organizations interested in keeping data available to mobile or remote workers simply can't. A company that has invested in smartphones and/or tablets for its executives or management teams will find that they don't have access to up-to-date financial information while they are out of the office. With new types of cloud financial software, anyone on a team could get information. Outdated software subscribes to outdated notions about how work should be.
  5. You need better internal controls
    Keeping track of how financial information is used or edited is not one of QuickBooks' strong points, according to Business 2 Community contributor Marie Alonso. Because entries can be deleted or changed even after they've been entered in that software, it is possible for someone to commit a major ethical breach, if only inadvertently. While this isn't usually a problem in a small business because people are so close knit, it quickly becomes an issue as the number of employees skyrocket. Most small businesses want to keep growing, and having easily breakable financial software can keep that from happening.

What should you do when you're ready to move on from QuickBooks? Try working with cloud accounting software like Intacct that is built for companies that are scaling up. Instead of worrying about the daily problems that can plague a company in the form of double data entry or the inability to access data from anywhere, utilize Intacct to get cloud software that easily integrates with a variety of solutions. The cloud works perfectly for mid-sized companies. With Intacct, you can be sure everything is scalable and can support long-term growth.

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