Intacct Industry Solutions

Intacct Industry Solutions

On a regular basis, one of our clients is putting Intacct to work in a new line of business. From small not-for-profit organizations and retail franchises to large healthcare providers and professional services firms, cloud financial management applications can bring value to companies of all sizes and industries.

With deployments across a wide range of industries, Arxis has the experience and insight to tailor a customized Intacct implementation that suits the unique needs and goals of your organization. Click below to see the settings in Intacct make a particularly strong impact.

Software and SaaS •    Improve cash flow and eliminate inefficient and manual processes by automating billing, revenue recognition, and renewals
•    Improve productivity and simplify compliance by reducing your dependency on Excel for complex revenue management
•    Make timely and informed business decisions with real time financial and operational reporting
•    Expedite your financial close and obtain a real time global view across multiple business entities

Intacct for Software Companies

Confessions of a Software Company CFO

Professional Services •    Improve productivity by giving delivery teams instant anytime, anywhere access to project tasks, milestones and status
•    Improve cash flow by automatically capturing client-billable time and expense and accelerating billing processes
•    Avoid cost overruns and gain real-time visibility into project status, performance and profitability via proactive, at-a-glance dashboard KPI's
•    Gain real-time insights into cash inflows and outflows, and improve revenue forecasting accuracy
•    Reduce errors and increase operational efficiencies by integrating project activities with project accounting

Intacct for ProServ

Confessions of a Services Company CFO

Not-for-Profit •    Demonstrate proper stewardship of funds to donors and grantors with effective budgeting, expense management, and reporting
•    Deliver real-time information and key organizational performance metrics to both internal and external stakeholders anytime, anywhere
•    Gain real-time visibility into cash inflows and outflows and actual performance to budget
•    Ensure financial controls and compliance supported by comprehensive audit trails
•    Dramatically reduce IT costs by getting out of the no value IT business.

Intacct for Nonprofits;

Nonprofit CFO's Survival Guide

Hospitality •    Analyze and control key financial and operating metrics, to ensure labor, operating, food and beverage costs align with receipts
•    Gain real-time visibility into consolidated financial and operational details across properties, and drill down into any location
•    Improve cash flow and stop revenue leakage by automating accounts payable and receivable and implementing approval and audit workflows
•    Reduce your dependency on Excel for tracking and reporting

Platinum Hospitality Success Story
Healthcare •    Analyze key financial and operating metrics, such as productivity and profitability by location, procedure, physician, patient, carrier and vendor
•    Gain visibility into consolidated financial and operational details across all of your offices, and drill down into real-time information for any location
•    Automate partnership accounting, properly allocating income and expenses across complex corporate structures
•    Improve cash flow and ensure compliance by automating accounts payable and receivable and implementing approval and audit workflows
•    Reduce your dependency on Excel for tracking and reporting

Odyssey Thera Success Story
Franchises •    Gain real-time financial visibility into your entire business through pre-built and customizable financial management and accounting dashboards, reports and analytics
•    Roll up financial information from subsidiary franchises to parent companies and correlate subsidiary company financial data with the parent
•    Derive consolidated financials across multiple business franchises and even across entities operating in different currencies, regardless of how complex the holding structure
•    Allow authorized users to securely review and drill down into subsidiary detail and source transactions without signing in separately to each subsidiary

Fast Eddie’s Sports Grill Success Story
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