Intacct for QuickBooks Users

Intacct for QuickBooks Users

Intuit's QuickBooks has become synonymous with small business financial management over the years. It's relatively affordable, simple to use and capable of handling the basic accounting processes upstart firms rely on every day. But at a certain point, this entry level offering no longer aligns with the needs of a growing company. 

The Intacct cloud financial management system provides the perfect bridge to the next level. This scalable solution brings all the essential information and processes into a single environment that is accessible anytime, anywhere for comprehensive visibility. And since this functionality is delivered through the cloud, companies have no need to worry about lengthy learning curves or unexpected expenses. Instead, ROI comes quickly and predictably. 


Join the thousands of companies that have improved their business by graduating from QuickBooks to Intacct and:

  • Automate key business processes. Drive operational efficiencies by streamlining time-consuming, manual, error-prone processes.
  • See your business in a new way. Easily combine data from your other key business applications with financial information from Intacct, and eliminate information silos.
  • Access your financial system—anytime, anywhere. Give everyone—inside or outside your organization—secure role-based access to financial applications.
  • Strengthen compliance and governance. Take advantage of strict permissions, separation of duties and financial controls, a robust audit trail, and support for global regulatory compliance.
  • Support distributed businesses. Consolidate financials quickly and easily from multiple business units—even those that may also transact in multiple currencies.

Top 10 signs you’re ready to graduate from QuickBooks:

  • You can't analyze operating metrics.
  • You have limited visibility into consolidated and operational details.
  • Growth is introducing new accounting complexities.
  • Inefficient manual processes are reducing productivity and introducing errors.
  • You lack procedures to ensure solid audit trails.
  • Your team depends on spreadsheets for reporting.
  • You need seamless integration to mission critical apps—such as Salesforce CRM or SugarCRM —to improve processes.
  • You’re dealing with multi-entity and/or multi-currency issues.
  • You seek real-time visibility into project costs, revenues, and profitability.
  • You'd like automated revenue management.


Intacct was named by Inc. Magazine

as "Best for Replacing QuickBooks"

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