Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights

Question: How does a growing company overcome manual and error prone spreadsheet-based budgeting and forecasting processes?

Answer: Adaptive Insights!

Adaptive Insights makes it easy to move beyond the spreadsheet nightmare without the cost and complexity associated with traditional business intelligence (BI) and business performance management (BPM) applications. Benefit from the cloud with affordable annual subscriptions, rapid implementations, and no requirement for new hardware or IT support.

Benefits of Using Adaptive Insights

  • Dramatically reduce budgeting and forecasting cycle times-by up to 90%
  • Simplify and standardize data collection across the organization
  • Decrease errors and improve accuracy by eliminating broken links and formulas
  • Deliver more complete and frequent forecasts, including rolling forecasts
  • Enable timely and thorough what-if analysis
  • Establish one version of the truth
  • Make faster, more informed decisions
  • Enhance collaboration with, and ownership by, department managers

Sample Product Features

  • Complete Set of Planning Components and Financial Statements
  • Automated Consolidation
  • Multi-dimensional Data Collection
  • Dynamic Formulas
  • Web-based Access

Adaptive Insights demo

7 Ways to Overcome Budgeting and Forecasting Challenges

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