Cloud Computing 101

Cloud Computing 101

Cloud computing is really exciting! The links below are designed to help you understand some of the basic concepts, how the cloud compares to other options, and some of the ways your business can benefit.

  • What is Cloud Computing? – answers in the form of an eBook, a video, a whitepaper, and a book recommendation
  • How Can My Business Benefit? – an overview of some of the primary ways cloud computing can benefit your organization
  • Cloud vs. On Premise – a comparison of how the cloud compares to on-premise applications
  • FAQ – answers to common questions regarding cloud computing
  • Best of the Cloud – a presentation from David Cieslak, Arxis Principal and popular technology speaker
  • Cloud Computing Readiness – a 15 question survey to start a dialogue with Arxis Technology
  • Cloud Computing news – articles on cloud computing, technology tools, and advice for how you can make the most of the cloud

What is Cloud Computing?

"Cloud Benefits 101" Whitepaper

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