How Can My Business Benefit

How Can My Business Benefit

Cloud computing incorporates the most current  technology and delivery models to bring IT services to the user through the Internet rather than through software and servers. Regardless of size or industry, the cloud gives you all the support and power of an in-house IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost. You wouldn't buy the subway train to take a ride, so why purchase expensive and complex software and servers when you can use the cloud?

Savings and Innovation
Cloud business solutions helps reduce IT costs with offerings such as storage and software, freeing you from having to worry about maintenance. More resources can be directed toward making improvements in other areas. Scaling up or down in terms of the services used is generally a simple process, and users can access cloud business solutions from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Reduced Software Costs
SaaS offers automatic upgrades to software, meaning that you do not have to purchase new versions or hinder your growth by using old programs. Clients pay a fee to a service provider in return for access to a variety of services. You end up reducing IT costs by paying only for the programs you use and don't have to pay burdensome upfront fees. You can try out cloud options before making a commitment. Subscription fees for cloud services are built into contracts, providing a level of cost predictability.

Simple Scalability
Cloud business solutions offer improvements to software on a regular basis, giving you access to programs that can help you grow and compete with larger firms. Service plans accommodate new releases and upgrades. Decision makers who previously had to handle software updates themselves can leave that work to their service provider.

Improved Operations
In addition to reducing IT costs, cloud solutions give you the opportunity to improve operations. You receive access to the latest technology without needing to purchase and configure complicated software and server equipment. Software updates also come as part of the package, giving you more opportunities to maximize the potential of your existing IT resources.

Better Use of Resources 
The cloud enables you to reallocate financial and personnel resources that otherwise would have been dedicated to maintaining systems and upgrading software.   By reducing the distractions inherent in managing IT functions, cloud business solutions help you direct attention to complying with regulations and finding better ways to compete.

Seamless Customization 
You can use cloud business solutions to configure processes and user interfaces without additional programming, enabling quicker and easier modifications. SaaS can be integrated with data sources and other programs through an application programming interface (API), a solution developer kit (SDK) or service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Source: SaaS Realities: Business Benefits for Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises (Research report by Saugatuck Technologies)

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